Which Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work Best?

An independant government study tested 28 different pair of blue light blocking glasses, ranging from $300 to $10.  Only one pair of glasses blocked 100% of harmful blue light in the 400-450 range.  BluBlocker. 

Our non polarized classic Blublocker lenses were independently purchased from us and used for this test.  

Our lenses are superior to any clear lens available for blocking blue light.  They are excellent for the health of your eyes.  They are also good to wear before bed to prepare your eyes and in turn, your brain, for sleep.


"Although all of the tested lenses blocked 100% ultraviolet light and 96% high-energy violet light up to 412 nm (Fig. (Fig.5),5), the BluBlocker sunglasses blocked 100% visible light up to 495 nm. Some efficiency in blue light blocking was shown by Noir UV Shield 22 sunglasses that blocked 100 to 74.3% high-energy violet light between 400 and 426 nm. The BluTech Hi Impact Indoor Anti-reflective lens (BluTech LLC, Alpharetta, GA) blocked 100 to 38.4% high-energy violet light between 400 and 426 nm, whereas the BluTech Hi Impact Outdoor Anti-reflective lens blocked 100 to 96.4% high-energy violet light between 400 and 426 nm. When compared between the BluTech Polycarbonate Indoor lens and the BluTech Polycarbonate Outdoor Polarized lens, the indoor lens blocked 100 to 52.2% high-energy violet light, whereas the outdoor lens blocked approximately 100 to 88.2% high-energy violet light in the 400- to 426-nm range. The Kodak Total Blue (clear and colorless; Kodak, Signet Armorlite, Inc., Carlsbad, CA) blocked 100% ultraviolet light and 100 to 89% high-energy violet light between 400 and 420 nm and 72.9% at 426 nm. In addition, the Kodak Total Blue lens allows for 90% or more transmittance of light for wavelengths greater than 450 nm.


Read the entire study here


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