in an airline shopping magazine

BluBlocker was born

Dr. Geek's Legendary Freestyle

Dr. Geek's legendary BluBlocker freestyle makes history

Hitting the Beach

And Listening to the People

An icon won born

Hal Baer racing

Blublocker podium

Baer Racing earns Podium in World Cup Challenge with Ford Mustang and BluBlocker

Steven Tyler in his BluBlockers

BluBlocker becomes a celebrity favorite

The Hangover

Zach Galifianakislk, as Alan, makes history with the most viewed rated R comedy of its time.

government test concludes

BluBlocker Blocks Blue Light Best

Spectral Evaluation of Eyeglass Blocking Efficiency of Ultraviolet/High-energy Visible Blue Light for Ocular Protection - Study concludes BluBlocker blocks the most blue light

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Viper Sunglasses

Viper Sunglasses

Whatever you do, be careful not to wake the Viper®. These stylish shades are an iconic and best selling design here in our BluBlocker family. Feat...

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