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My Big Surprise

 After my last blog I was blown away by the response. Many offered me appreciation and congratulations for being the first to point out the dangers of blue light and some claimed that they will be wearing BluBlockers before they go to sleep at night. And some even told me how they noticed the difference in their sleep after they wore BluBlocker sunglasses.

 A few even asked me if the newspaper we featured in the blog was for sale as a collectible. If I do decide to sell it, I’ll put it on eBay and all the funds collected will go to a charity devoted to helping people who are blind or visually impaired. But first back to the basis of this blog.

 Every once in a while something totally unexpected happens—something generally good or even fantastic. Such was the case when one day some men stopped by our office to buy a half dozen BluBlocker sunglasses in our aviator style. They mentioned that they were going to use them in a movie.

 No big deal. We hear that a lot. But a month later, to our surprise, our sunglasses appeared in the movie “Hang Over” staring Zack Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and a baby wearing our sunglasses. Sales took off and it was a great boost to our image. Usually you pay for product placements in movies but this time, we simply sold our BluBlockers at retail and enjoyed the benefits and exposure of the movie itself.

 But now for the second surprise. A high school group organized themselves to produce a BluBlocker commercial on their own. This is something I would love to share with you. Just Press play and get ready for a few minutes of pure entertainment.

 Probably one of the ongoing surprises is the research being conducted throughout the world on the benefits of blocking all the UV and blue light. And of course, with BluBlockers you definitely block all of the UV light and blue light. They are the most protective sunglasses you can purchase, and they will make a wonderful difference in your life. Order a pair and see why people rave about their style and the way they fit and the comfort you’ll experience. Order a pair or two at no obligation, today.

Sunglass Pride


In this report, I would like to go back 50 years. Our wonderful astronauts landed on the moon in a historic event on July 21, 1969 that took the world by storm. Yes, it was celebrated around the world. And I remember that day clearly. As a souvenir I kept a copy of the Chicago Tribune with a headline I’ll long remember.

Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with BluBlocker sunglasses. I’ll get to that.

Back then the astronauts had to protect themselves from the strong rays of the sun which was not shielded by an ozone layer as we are now on earth. So, they wore a protective shield.

At that time, the average earthling knew very little about eye protection until 20 years later when I discovered BluBlocker sunglasses. You see, very few people knew about the dangers of ultra violet A or B rays or the dangers of blue light. But the astronauts 30 years ago knew about it because their shields blocked all the UV and blue light.

Knowing that of course I fell in love with sunglasses that blocked all the dangerous rays especially blue light. And I talked about it in one of my previous blogs. But here’s what I’m most proud of.

We did so much advertising in print and on TV talking about the dangers of UV rays and especially blue light that people started insisting on wearing protective eye wear and it was our advertising that alerted the nation and educated millions of people on the importance of wearing protective eye wear. Who knows how many eyes we saved from the terrible diseases caused by lack of eye protection? ARMD Age Related Macular Degeneration is a perfect example of the damage that blue light can cause. But there is one more surprise.

It has recently been discovered that by wearing BluBlocker sunglasses before you go to bed makes falling asleep much easier. And this was scientifically proven. So not only do you get the finest eye protection outdoors but indoors as well. Who would have thought?

So, I proudly stand by the legacy we build upon daily and the millions of customers who love our product and continue to buy BluBlocker sunglasses. Twenty million pairs sold later, we are still going strong.

90 Degrees

In my last blog, I explained how I discovered BluBlocker sunglasses and how my first major ad showed me the potential of this unique and wonderful product. There was an obvious lesson here, a lesson that I’ve been teaching my students and that proved itself in my experience. Let me explain…

Some of the world’s major breakthroughs came when it was least expected. And even more unusual, it took the entrepreneur 90 degrees from his or her original direction. For example, I was selling innovative electronics for years, having introduced the first pocket calculator, the digital watch, and a host of other innovative products.

When the BluBlocker sunglasses proved so successful, it changed the direction of my company 90 degrees. I practically stopped my electronics business to focus on building BluBlocker into a famous brand name, first through print ads and then through infomercials.

Since that time, I saw other examples of companies that started off in one direction, only to shift 90 degrees into another business.

The lesson here: The biggest success stories were made from companies heading in one direction, only to switch 90 degrees to discover another opportunity, even bigger than the one they thought was their future.

In my next blog, I will reveal something you wouldn’t know about me and would find it hard to believe. Stay tuned.

Vision Breakthrough

Many people have asked me how I discovered BluBlocker sunglasses and built it into a national brand. So, let me devote today’s blog to how this miraculous product got its start. In 1986 my business was selling the latest in electronics. We introduced the pocket calculator, digital watch, and many of the electronic innovations of the time.

One day I got a call from a friend of mine in California to make sure I could come out and visit him, as he has a new product, he wanted me to consider. What was it?

It was a portable fax machine. That’s right. Back then fax machines were popular and one that was portable might have some appeal. I flew out to Los Angeles and was picked up by my friend who was going to drive me to visit the manufacturer of the portable fax machine.

It was a bright sunny day in the middle of summer and while we were driving on the 405 my friend noticed that I was squinting. “Hey, I notice you squinting, try this pair of sunglasses on and you’ll stop squinting.”

I slipped on the pair and noticed that not only did my squinting stop, but everything appeared sharper and clearer. “These are amazing,” I responded, “Where did you get these? I’d love to sell them.”

My friend smirked for a moment and then informed me that the sunglasses were made for the astronauts. “They were made for them by this company that’s practically out of business and going bankrupt, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to sell their product,” he said.

I was truly disappointed. I thought the sunglasses were an ideal mail order item. I found out that they not only blocked all of the bad UV light, but also blue light as well. And that blue light was very bad for your eyes, so the astronauts needed them when they were in outer space.

Not happy about the sunglasses and not happy with the portable fax machine, I returned to Chicago, my home town at the time. I discovered that a 12-page catalog we were preparing for United Airlines had an emergency. One of the products we were featuring wouldn’t be available because the company making the product was going out of business, leaving a blank page we had to fill.

I needed a replacement product quickly and remembered the sunglasses I saw in California. I called my friend, “please send me a pair of those sunglasses I tried on from the astronauts. I need to fill a page in my catalog, and I’ll figure out a way to source those sunglasses from another vendor.”

The rest of the story is simple. My friend sent me a pair, I wrote an ad and ran it in the United catalog. It turned out to be the single best-selling product in the catalog and launched me into the sunglass business. I scored the product from friends of mine in Taiwan and sales skyrocketed to the tune of 100,000 from that single ad in the United catalog. But there’s more, which I will explain in my next blog, where I will share the wisdom taught from this experience.

BluBlocker and the Military

I am about to reveal something I’ve kept quiet about for the past many years. First, a little background. I was drafted into the Army in 1962. I had finished 3½ years of electrical engineering at the University of Miami, was enrolled in the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) and was getting excellent grades. But the Army needed soldiers so I was drafted and I had to give up all that I was doing and go through basic training. Eventually I was stationed in Germany where I spent 3½ years active duty and then 1½ years in a reserve position. My specialty was Army Intelligence and I was often assigned to the CIA where I served some interesting assignments. My top secret clearance gave me plenty of opportunities to experience the most confidential of operations.

 I always had a special place in my heart for the military, so after I left it and went on to build a very successful business in BluBlocker sunglasses, I wanted to express my gratitude for our troops overseas and my good fortune. So for every major conflict the US was involved in, I contributed 20,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses free of charge to our active duty troops.

 I never brag about this, but my staff urged me to share this information which to date has totaled over 60,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses. Just know that this is one more example that those great sunglasses you wear called BluBlocker have a wonderful history we can all be proud of.