BluBlocker® uses only the best materials in the manufacturing of their sunglasses. Not only are the lenses scratch resistant but you can hit them with a hammer and they won’t shatter. The amber Malenium® lenses block 100% ultraviolet light and 96% high-energy violet light up to 412 nm but also 100% of the visible blue light up to 495 nm

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BluBlocker protects your eyes in many ways. We've received several letters from people who were in serious car accidents who would have been blinded had it not been for their shatter resistant BluBlocker sunglasses

When you look through an amber BluBlocker lens, objects appear to be sharper and clearer. When you block blue light, objects tend to come into better focus. And squinting is dramatically reduced.

Squinting is often the cause of wrinkles around the eyes. BluBlockers block the rays that cause squinting, resulting in fewer wrinkles. 

BluBlocker Corporation has sold over 20 million pairs of sunglasses worldwide and has been turning out the most advanced sunglasses since 1986 —always at a reasonable price. In short, you can’t buy a better pair of sunglasses at any price.

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