BluBlocker: American Values and Visionary Eyewear

Take a thrilling ride down memory lane with BluBlocker, where innovation meets iconic style, all wrapped up in the star-spangled banner of American values! Born in the electrifying era of the 1980s, when fashion was bold and technology was booming, BluBlocker emerged as the brainchild of the visionary Joe Sugarman. He wasn't just any inventor; Sugarman was a true-blue American entrepreneur who saw the world through rose-colored glasses—well, not exactly rose, but definitely through a lens that blocked out that pesky blue light before it was cool.

A Blast from the Past with a Vision for the Future

It all kicked off in 1986, when Sugarman, tapping into NASA's cosmic tech, decided that what's good for astronauts is great for the average Joe and Jane. He took the high-tech filters designed to protect space heroes from the sun's harsh rays and spun it into the first pair of BluBlocker sunglasses. These weren't your grandma's sunnies; they were a revolution in eye protection, making you look like a rockstar while safeguarding those peepers.

Steven Tyler Rocking our Original Aviators in Demi-Tortoise

As American as Apple Pie and Baseball

BluBlocker isn't just a brand; it's a slice of Americana, weaving the fabric of American ingenuity, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness into every pair of glasses. Proudly an American company, we don't just wear our hearts on our sleeves; we wear our American values on our frames. Every pair of BluBlocker sunglasses reflects the spirit of innovation, quality, and fun that runs through the heart of America.

From Hollywood to Your Neighborhood

Oh, and let's talk about going viral before going viral was even a thing. BluBlocker sunglasses became the must-have accessory, thanks to their blockbuster appearances in movies and on the faces of celebrities. They became a cultural phenomenon, blending function with a heavy dose of fun, embodying the boldness and diversity of American culture.

Keeping the Spirit Alive and Kicking

Fast forward to today, and BluBlocker continues to innovate with the same zest and zeal, expanding our lineup to suit every taste and adventure. Whether you're scaling a mountain or scrolling through your phone, we've got your back, ensuring you're protected with the latest in eye care technology. And yes, we're still doing it with that unmistakable flair and commitment to excellence that's as American as it gets.

A Toast to American Values and Visionary Eyewear

BluBlocker is more than just sunglasses; we're a celebration of American values—freedom, innovation, and a can-do spirit that looks towards a bright future (without harmful blue light, of course). As we continue to evolve and embrace new adventures, we carry the legacy of our American roots, crafting eyewear that protects, styles, and makes a statement about who we are.

So, here's to BluBlocker—where every pair of glasses is a high-five to American ingenuity and a nod to those who dare to dream big and see the world through a lens that's uniquely ours. Join us on this fun-filled journey, and let's make history together, one stylish pair of BluBlockers at a time!