BluBlocker is founded  by Joe Sugarman sharing technology developed by NASA to block harmful UV rays and blue light in space


Joe Sugarman begins advertising BluBlockers in full page inflight shopping magazines (before you could watch a movie on a plane, you shopped in a magazine).  BluBlocker was an instant success.   


Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears shows off his BluBlockers in one of BluBlocker's catalogs 


BluBlocker sells 10,000,000 pairs of special edition sunglasses to Pizza Hut in celebration of their intended appearance in Back to the Future 2!  See our BluBlocker in film page for the whole story


Having a strong connection to the military after his active duty service, Joe Sugarman silently donates 20,000 pairs of BluBlocker to soldiers in the United States military during the Gulf War


BluBlocker goes direct to consumer through through TV and catalog


BluBlocker launches Viper Sunglasses


BluBlocker aired a 30 minute infomercial that changed the world of advertising forever. Not only was the use of an infomercial innovative, but using people walking the street to praise the product was truly ahead of its time in marketing.


BluBlocker sponsors Three Ford Mustangs in endurance race. These pictures were provided to us by one of the crew members for the Baer racing world challenge road race team.


BluBlocker make a special appearance in the movie There’s Something About Mary


Once again Joe Sugarman donates 20,000 pairs of BluBlocker to the U.S. military when the War in Afghanistan begins.


Following the trend, Joe Sugarman graciously donated 20,000 more BluBlocker during the Iraq war.


"Hangover" the move producers purchased six pair of BluBlocker's from our Las Vegas office.  BluBlocker didn't know what the glasses were for.  We later discovered this Todd Phillips classic staring Zach Galifianakis (as Alan) would turn our tortoise classic BluBlockers into a pop culture icon in the 21st century.


BluBlocker founder Joe Sugarman at the Latin Grammy Awards with Steven Tyler.




Here Joe Sugarman can be seen with Aerosmiths' Steven Tyler


Jonathan Tucker's incredible performance as Jay Kulina in Kingdom will give you chills.  An absolute legend.  What glasses does he wear?  See below.  


In their most recent film debut to date, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine sport a pair of Black BluBlocker in the movie Going In Style.