Ever since its founding, BluBlocker has held a rich history in the film industry ranging from major motion films to more recent, and well received, TV shows. Check below to see some of the most popular films and and shows to feature BluBlocker.

Back to the Future II (1989)

Believe it or not, BluBlocker was originally intended to make an appearance in Back To The Future II. Unfortunately, while they never made it into the final edit of the film, these special edition BluBlockers were still distributed after the film's release.
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There's Something About Mary (1998)

BluBlocker can also be seen in the movie There's Something About Mary on Matt Dillon's character Pat Healy.

The Simpsons (2004)

r/TheSimpsons - Sir, this is a class two plutonium fission reactor. If I turn this dial, the resulting blast would destroy the entire tri-city area, including that guy who sells those Blu-Blocker sunglasses people sometimes wear ... Damn him to hell.

America's favorite cartoon dad, Homer Simpson, threatens to detonate his daughter Lisa's home-made nuclear reactor in retaliation for Bart's T-Shirt business being stolen. He points out a friendly vendor offering a wide variety of BluBlocker Sunglasses as one of its potential victims. 
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The Hangover (2009)

In their most memorable appearance to date, BluBlocker are worn by Zach Galifianakis in the 2009 hit, The Hangover. Galifianakis' character sports a pair of demi tortoise nylons throughout the film.
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Kingdom (2014)

Kingdom heavily feature BluBlocker on one of their characters. The character Jay Kulina wears a pair of white original BluBlocker aviators throughout the show. 
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Going In Style (2017)

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine get their black original aviators on in this crime/comedy hit.

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Nyad (2023)

Rhys Ifans, known for his work in Harry Potter and House of The Dragon, wears the sleek Vipers in Demi-Tortoise in this Oscar Nominated Masterpiece. Starring Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster & Annette Bening.

The Fall Guy (2024)

Ryan Gosling wears the Vipers in Black in this incredible stunt-filled Blockbuster Movie. 

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