Back to the Future and BluBlocker

Did you know that BluBlocker was originally supposed to be in the second Back to the Future movie? That's right, BluBlocker was going to be a part of the outstanding Back to the Future franchise but unfortunately it never made the cut.

So what happened?

To begin with, BluBlocker had designed a futuristic pair of sunglasses that were meant to be worn in the "Pizza Hut" scene of the movie. Pizza Hut ended up ordering around 10 million units that were planned to be shipped all across the United States. BluBlocker was even hosting a premier for the movie which was attended by sunglass designers and manufacturers that had been a part of the design process. To everyone's surprise however, the sunglasses never made the final edit of the film. Even if it never made the final cut, the deleted scene can still be viewed below


Even though nobody knows why the scene was pulled from the movie, Pizza Hut still distributed all 10 million copies of the special edition BluBlocker.