Blue Light Glasses VS BluBlockers

In 2022 BluBlocker launched their Blue Light Glasses designed specifically with screen time in mind.  These mostly clear lenses (compared to our traditional BluBlocker lens) block over 63% of blue light and all UV light.  Most "Blue Light" glasses block between 20% and 30% of blue light, our product leads the industry.  These blue light glasses are offered in our Original Aviator frame as well as our Hyde Park frame.

blue light glasses blublocker

Original Aviator (pictured above)

Blue Light Computer glasses Hyde Park


Our original BluBlocker lens blocks 100% of blue light. That’s right, all of it. There is no replacement for our amber tinted lens- this is the only way to block 100% of blue light.  In addition to blocking all blue blight, these glasses block 100% of UV light. They’re great for sunny days on the water, the slopes or on the road. They are also great for wearing before bed to block 100% of blue light on your TV, phone, or computer, so your eyes can begin their rest. 

Original BluBlocker