Viper Sunglasses

Whatever you do, be careful not to wake the Viper®.

These stylish shades are an iconic and best selling design here in our BluBlocker family. Featuring our innovative and trusted blue blocking technology, these sunglasses are sure to protect you from harmful UV rays and even that bothersome late night blue light!

What makes this model special to us is the unique wrap-around design with panoramic view so you can be aware of your surroundings at all times. It’s shiny black frame is a unisex design that is perfect for any and all everday activities.

The rubberized elements on the Viper® sunglasses help to provide for a comfortable fit for everyone as well as providing cushioning for any unpredictable impacts! This stunning design is iconic and eye-catching while remaining 100% functional for the trials of everyday life.

Hurry up and grab yourself a pair while you can. Go spread the Viper® hype with all your friends and family.

Check out this original 90s ad for the BluBlocker Viper® sunglasses below!

Stay safe and keep BluBlockin’