Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021

Image credits: Kevin Baird

Whether you've heard it from a friend, colleague, or family member, we are indeed having a partial solar eclipse tomorrow! This type of solar eclipse is known as a 'ring of fire' eclipse and it is an annual occurrence. Unlike the much rarer, total solar eclipse, this 'ring of fire eclipse, will not block the entire sun but instead block a large portion of it, leaving a crescent shaped 'ring of fire'. If you want to watch the eclipse for yourself, make sure to go online to check if your local area will see it and if not, you can always watch online. BUT DO NOT FORGET. Wearing proper eye protection is incredibly important as even though the sun is being blocked, the harmful UV rays emitted can still permanently damage your eyesight. While our BluBlocker sunglasses do an incredible job of blocking out UV rays, our sunglasses are not designed for viewing the sun directly and should not be used to watch the eclipse. Specially made eclipse glasses can be found online or in a local store near you that will provide you with the proper eye protection to view the eclipse. Have fun tomorrow and make sure to enjoy one of our universe's many wonders!

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