Gold Coast Aviator in Solid 18 Karat Gold


BluBlocker Gold Coast is the ultimate luxury accessory.  Inspired by our 1986 Aviator and crafted in the most precious of metals; 18 karat gold.  Gold Coast glows like the sun in this lustrous, rich material.  Handmade in the United States with a focus on quality using fine jewelry manufacturing techniques.

A unique and truly special product, only one piece has been made.

We are introducing a BluBlocker Zeiss lens made in Italy.  This lens blocks 100% UV rays and 99% of blue light between 380-500nm.  This pair includes both polarized and non-polarized versions of this lens.  

BluBlocker Gold Coast is packaged in a custom RIMOWA black aluminum sling clutch to protect your unique and legendary sunglasses. 

Gold Coast comes with a lifetime warranty including any repairs from manufacturing defects and replacement lenses.  Also included is direct contact with a customer service agent to handle any and all questions you may have.