BluBlocker and the Military

I am about to reveal something I’ve kept quiet about for the past many years. First, a little background. I was drafted into the Army in 1962. I had finished 3½ years of electrical engineering at the University of Miami, was enrolled in the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corp) and was getting excellent grades. But the Army needed soldiers so I was drafted and I had to give up all that I was doing and go through basic training. Eventually I was stationed in Germany where I spent 3½ years active duty and then 1½ years in a reserve position. My specialty was Army Intelligence and I was often assigned to the CIA where I served some interesting assignments. My top secret clearance gave me plenty of opportunities to experience the most confidential of operations.

 I always had a special place in my heart for the military, so after I left it and went on to build a very successful business in BluBlocker sunglasses, I wanted to express my gratitude for our troops overseas and my good fortune. So for every major conflict the US was involved in, I contributed 20,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses free of charge to our active duty troops.

 I never brag about this, but my staff urged me to share this information which to date has totaled over 60,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses. Just know that this is one more example that those great sunglasses you wear called BluBlocker have a wonderful history we can all be proud of.