Sunglass Pride


In this report, I would like to go back 50 years. Our wonderful astronauts landed on the moon in a historic event on July 21, 1969 that took the world by storm. Yes, it was celebrated around the world. And I remember that day clearly. As a souvenir I kept a copy of the Chicago Tribune with a headline I’ll long remember.

Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with BluBlocker sunglasses. I’ll get to that.

Back then the astronauts had to protect themselves from the strong rays of the sun which was not shielded by an ozone layer as we are now on earth. So, they wore a protective shield.

At that time, the average earthling knew very little about eye protection until 20 years later when I discovered BluBlocker sunglasses. You see, very few people knew about the dangers of ultra violet A or B rays or the dangers of blue light. But the astronauts 30 years ago knew about it because their shields blocked all the UV and blue light.

Knowing that of course I fell in love with sunglasses that blocked all the dangerous rays especially blue light. And I talked about it in one of my previous blogs. But here’s what I’m most proud of.

We did so much advertising in print and on TV talking about the dangers of UV rays and especially blue light that people started insisting on wearing protective eye wear and it was our advertising that alerted the nation and educated millions of people on the importance of wearing protective eye wear. Who knows how many eyes we saved from the terrible diseases caused by lack of eye protection? ARMD Age Related Macular Degeneration is a perfect example of the damage that blue light can cause. But there is one more surprise.

It has recently been discovered that by wearing BluBlocker sunglasses before you go to bed makes falling asleep much easier. And this was scientifically proven. So not only do you get the finest eye protection outdoors but indoors as well. Who would have thought?

So, I proudly stand by the legacy we build upon daily and the millions of customers who love our product and continue to buy BluBlocker sunglasses. Twenty million pairs sold later, we are still going strong.