90 Degrees

In my last blog, I explained how I discovered BluBlocker sunglasses and how my first major ad showed me the potential of this unique and wonderful product. There was an obvious lesson here, a lesson that I’ve been teaching my students and that proved itself in my experience. Let me explain…

Some of the world’s major breakthroughs came when it was least expected. And even more unusual, it took the entrepreneur 90 degrees from his or her original direction. For example, I was selling innovative electronics for years, having introduced the first pocket calculator, the digital watch, and a host of other innovative products.

When the BluBlocker sunglasses proved so successful, it changed the direction of my company 90 degrees. I practically stopped my electronics business to focus on building BluBlocker into a famous brand name, first through print ads and then through infomercials.

Since that time, I saw other examples of companies that started off in one direction, only to shift 90 degrees into another business.

The lesson here: The biggest success stories were made from companies heading in one direction, only to switch 90 degrees to discover another opportunity, even bigger than the one they thought was their future.

In my next blog, I will reveal something you wouldn’t know about me and would find it hard to believe. Stay tuned.