The BluBlocker experience all starts when you first put on a pair. The world will change and you'll never want to go back to ordinary sunglasses again. The high-definition Malenium lenses block 100% of UV and blue light, giving you a level of protection and clarity that only BluBlocker sunglasses provide.

BluBlocker Style

Sure BluBlocker sunglasses helps you see with more clarity and can give you greater protection, but may also be wearing them because you want to look good. The aviator style is now very popular and we're part of the reason why. BluBlocker sunglasses have millions of people all over the country rocking the BLuBlocker style. When you wear BluBlocker sunglasses, you know you're making a statement.

Why is Blocking Blue Light So Important?

Blue light does't focus on the retina which is the focusing screen of the eye whereas other colors focus close to the retina. When you "block blue light" with BluBlocker sunglasses you eliminate this problem. Objects appear clearer, sharper and well defined. You get amazing clarity and the best protection with BluBlocker's high definition BluRay Malenium lenses.