BluBlocker AirBoss
Crafted in Chicago
Made in Chicago
BluBlocker was founded in Chicago, IL in 1986.  In 2023 we launched AirBoss, a new aviator style manufactured in Chicago.  With a BluBlocker Zeiss lens made in Italy and Acetate made in Austria, these parts come together to create a stunning product, right where we were born.  
AirBoss Black
Available in matte black, gold plated, and silver.  You have three classic colorwarys to choose from.  They also come in two sizes, 58mm for medium to large size, and 55mm for small.  
Finally, you can select your lens.  Our BluBlocker Zeiss lens is available in both polarized and non-polarized.  If you spend time on the water we suggest polarized.  Both lenses block 100% of UV light and over 99% of blue light.  We do not suggest either lens for driving.  
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