BluBlocker Moon Day Celebration Sweepstakes

You won’t believe the surprise we have for you.

With all the excitement surrounding the current astronaut Cape Canaveral launch, it brought back a lot of memories. Let me explain.

I lived in Chicago and at the time of the first man on the moon event. I had my own advertising agency. So exciting was the word of the first man on the moon that I saved the July 26, 1969 issue of the Chicago Tribune figuring that someday it would have a great value. But there was an even greater connection that I wasn’t aware of at the time. 

The astronauts wore sunglasses that blocked blue light. They knew that without the protection of their new sunglasses they might damage their eyes.

Later I discovered BluBlockers—the finest eye protection you could own. Now in celebration of the 51st anniversary of man walking on the moon, anybody ordering a pair of BluBlockers during the next 14 days will be entered into a drawing to keep the Chicago Tribune newspaper shown in this blog. You end up with the finest pair of sunglasses you can own, and you also get to win a valuable collectible. But act fast. Remember this offer will last until August 12, 2020.