New Limited Edition Lavender Haze Sunglasses

Imagine slipping on a pair of sunglasses that not only give you the stylish but also offer cutting-edge, 100% UV light blocking technology. Meet our newest gem: the Belmont Polarized Limited Edition in Lavender Haze. Limited to just 200  exclusive pieces, these sunglasses are more than just eye protection; they are a ticket to an era of unmatched style and sophistication. With each pair numbered individually, owning one means you're part of an elite club that appreciates the rare blend of vintage aesthetics with modern advantages of polarized sunglasses.

But why stop there? Dive deeper into our collection of limited edition releases, each crafted to echo a unique theme and time. Whether you're hitting the baseball field, or relaxing by the pool, BluBlocker Sunglasses are designed specifically for sports enthusiasts or those seeking the ultimate glare reduction with polarized lenses, our sunglasses ensure that every pair is a statement of luxury and functionality. For those who crave the nostalgia of the 1980s and 1990s, and for fashion icons who crave modern style. BluBlockers merge historical charm with contemporary needs, providing you not just a fashion accessory, but a piece of wearable art. Join us in celebrating these limited releases, and experience firsthand the fusion of past and present, style, and substantial protection.

Keep blocking out the blues with BluBlocker.