Discover the Timeless Charm of BluBlocker's Heritage Collection

In the 1980s, BluBlocker emerged as a revolutionary force in the eyewear industry, significantly impacting how people perceived and utilized sunglasses. During this vibrant decade, marked by bold fashion and significant technological advancements, BluBlocker introduced sunglasses that not only provided superior protection against UV rays but also offered enhanced color clarity and reduction of glare through their innovative amber lenses. This made them immensely popular among outdoor enthusiasts and the general public who sought both functionality and style. BluBlocker's unique approach to combining safety with a fashionable edge helped to cement their reputation as a trendsetter in the sunglasses market, influencing eyewear styles and technology for years to come.

BluBlocker Sunglasses: A Timeless Accessory

Our high quality sunglasses have always been more than just eye protection; they're a fashion statement, a nod to the style sensibilities of yesteryear. Our Heritage Collection revitalizes iconic frames and colors that have stood the test of time. From the bold and daring to the subtle and sophisticated, each pair tells a story. These aren't just retro sunglasses; they're pieces of history.

Why Choose BluBlocker?

BluBlocker has been a pioneering force in sunglasses technology since the 1980s. Our sunglasses are not only stylish but are crafted to provide unparalleled UV protection, a necessity for any era. With features like high-definition lenses and lightweight frames, BluBlocker sunglasses combine functionality with comfort, making them perfect for any activity, from driving to a sunny vacation.

Reeditions of Classic Sunglasses

Among the stars of our Heritage Collection are the reeditions of classic sunglasses. These beloved designs from the past have been updated with modern materials and technology but retain their original charm and style. Whether you're looking for oversized sunglasses for that glamorous look or aviator sunglasses that never go out of style, our reeditions breathe new life into the classics.

What’s Special About the Heritage Collection?

The Heritage Collection is special because it represents a commitment to quality and style that has lasted for decades. It features a wide range of products, from polarized sunglasses that reduce glare to scratch-resistant lenses that endure. Looking for a pair of durable sunglasses that melds fashion with function? Look no further than our Heritage Collection.

A Ode To American Sunglasses

BluBlocker’s Heritage Collection is more than just sunglasses; it's a piece of cultural heritage that continues to influence fashion trends today. By choosing a pair from this collection, you're not only investing in high-quality eyewear but also in a piece of art that celebrates the rich history of sunglass design. Embrace the past, present, and future with BluBlocker — where every pair of sunglasses tells a story.

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