• Triggers CD set - SKU6018

Triggers CD set - SKU6018


How would you like Joseph Sugarman as your mentor?

If Joseph Sugarman were a consultant, you would pay dearly to spend just a short time with him listening to his words of wisdom and sales and marketing advice.  But now he's available in a special program prepared in the Hollywood studios of Dan O'Day—radio's advertising guru.

Sugarman analyzes the same selling principles from his popular acclaimed book, Triggers, and talks about each of the 30 sales triggers bringing alive the power of his concept and giving insights that you won't find in his book.  And he does this in a conversational tone with O'Day that is easy to follow and provides a wealth of important new information not found anywhere else.

Sugarman has fought in the trenches.  He is not a consultant who has studied the success stories of others and comments about them.  He is the success story.  And he shares his wisdom, insights and experience with us in a five-hour six-audio fully indexed CD package that will help guide you into becoming a better marketer, sales person or entrepreneur.

Here's what you'll find in this exciting package:

• How to take product negatives and use them to increase sales of your product.

• The million dollar secret that Joe learned from an "old pro" TV salesman and how to use it effectively.

• How to make an offer so irresistible that it doubles response.

• How to make your prospects feel so guilty that they can't help but buy from you.

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