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7 Forces of Success- Paperback - SKU6015

7 Forces of Success- Paperback - SKU6015

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Seven powerful ways to magnify your chances of winning in a competitive world.

This book is filled with stories that will amuse, inspire and teach you. In this hard cover volume, Sugarman takes you through the struggles he went through to achieve success and build several companies all through the power of his pen.

Sugarman claims that he probably failed more times than anybody he knows but from all those failures he learned things and from the things he learned he was able to express a pathway to success through seven ancient principles he called Success Forces. When he followed them, he was successful but when he didn’t he experienced failure.

You can dramatically increase your chances of achieving success in anything you do by understanding seven ancient yet powerful principles that have indeed passed the test of time. 

SKU# 6015


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