• Small Rimless Clip-On BluBlocker™ Polarized - 0725K

Small Rimless Clip-On BluBlocker™ Polarized - 0725K


 Get all the ultraviolet ray-blocking power and crystal clear resolution of BluBlocker™ Vision with your current prescription glasses.

Designed to fit the smaller prescription glasses, this pair of BluBlocker clip-on sunglasses has all the features of the larger pair of BluBlockers™ minus the metal frame.

What's more, these clip-ons are polarized, which cuts down on glare and reflected light rays. Extremely light and small for the smaller prescription lenses, this is an ideal solution for protecting your eyesight while still looking very stylish. Measures top to bottom 1 1/2" and side to side 2 1/4."

An exceptional value at $29.95.

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Item# 0725K

“Having people compliment your sunglasses on a daily basis is just something you have to get used to when you're rocking the BluBlockers.”

~ Morgan Binder