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  • Large Clip-On BluBlocker™ - 2702K

Large Clip-On BluBlocker™ - 2702K


Another best seller for prescription wearers. A simple clip-on mechanism does two things: 1) opens easily so you can clip it onto your prescription glasses and 2) allows the clip-ons to flip up should you drive under a bridge or enter into an area where you do not need sunglasses. This style has a thin black metal frame that surrounds the two lenses. Measures top to bottom, (Lens Height) 2 1/4",  and side to side, (Frame Width) 5 3/8".

Item# 2702K

“Having people compliment your sunglasses on a daily basis is just something you have to get used to when you're rocking the BluBlockers.”

~ Morgan Binder

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