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BluBlockers originated from the space program back in 1986. Astronauts needed eye protection from the strong radiation of outer space so a pair of sunglasses was designed that blocked not only all the Ultra Violet rays but all the blue rays as well. Here’s why.

New research was being released indicting that there were many eye diseases caused by the blue spectrum light waves. Blocking the blue light decreased the danger from blue light and as a result several things were discovered.

First, by blocking blue light, squinting seemed to disappear. Objects seemed to appear clearer and sharper and eyes of the wearer were more relaxed yet the scene appeared to be brighter.

BluBlocker Corporation saw an opportunity to introduce these sunglasses to the mass market by obtaining patent rights from the manufacturer, lowering its cost, and providing the same protection the astronauts had.

Now, 25 years later, BluBlocker is back with the finest protection and both the old retro BluBlocker style and the new styles of the decade. No longer do you have to sacrifice protection for style.

Look through our selection of some of the advanced sunglasses styles available and know that you are getting value, style and protection—all in one package.